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Got a leaky faucet? A broken pipe? If you need a plumber in Allentown or surrounding areas we can help. We offer plumbing repair services to residents and Commercial. With more than 20 years' experience in residential and commercial and in business since 2010, customers depend on us to help them with all of their plumbing needs.
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Plumbing Repair Services: Toilet Installation

Clogged toilet giving you trouble? Has a leaking toilet become a problem beyond repair? Whatever the issue may be, Coqui Plumbing, can help get the situation under control. We offer comprehensive services including installation of new toilets, replacement of old models and repairing faulty toilets.

New Toilets and Replacement Whether you've moved into a new home and need a new toilet installed or you have an old toilet that is beyond repair and needs to be replaced, the seasoned professionals at Coqui Plumbing can handle the job. In addition to adding functionality back into your bathroom, you'll save gallons of water and money on your next water bill by installing a newer, more efficient model. A new toilet can also dramatically change the look of a bathroom by upgrading the decoration.

Repairing Toilets For clogged or leaking toilets that need repair, you can depend on the reliable service of our expert technicians. We charge by the job, not the hour, so you won't have to worry whether the repair turns out to be complicated, because we'll give you upfront pricing! Clogged toilet? No problem. Call today! We proudly serve the areas of Allentown, Bethlehem, Emmaus, Whitehall, Northampton, Macungie, and surrounding areas.

Plumbing Drain Rooter

Backed up drains can cause big headaches and problems. Let the professionals at Coqui Plumbing, save you time and money by getting to the root of the problem! Our experienced technicians can solve your plumbing issue before it gets out of hand!

Whether located in the bathroom or kitchen, drains attract a lot of grime and junk. Over time, these substances start to gather and buildup, clogging a drain and slowing down its ability to process water and other liquids-the substances that are actually meant to go down the drain. With our state-of-the-art cleaning tools, we'll get your drains back in proper working order. We'll make sure that all the dirt, grime, grease and other corroding substances are removed, so you're left with a sparkling clean drain.

Clean out your drains today! Call for more information. We proudly serve the areas of Allentown, Bethlehem, Emmaus, and surrounding

Water Heater Replacement and Service

Don't get stuck without hot water when you need it most! For fast, efficient, reliable service, call Coqui Plumbing, to get your water heater back in working order. We can provide repair service, installation or replacement for a variety of makes and models.

If you need an old or faulty heater replaced, we can handle the project in no time at all. We're skilled at installing new heaters that will work properly in your home. We can determine the correct type of heater based on the average consumption of water that your home uses.

Factors that determine size include:

Drain & Water Line Repair

There are some home repair jobs that are best left to the experts, and sewer and water-line repair definitely fall into that category. If you're experiencing problems with your sewer or water line, you can trust our experienced technicians.

Affordable Pricing
We offer up-front pricing so there are never any surprises when you get the bill. We charge per project, not per hour, so the focus is on getting the job done right. Sewer and water line repair can be an involved process, which is why we take time to explain our findings, diagnosis and pricing structure with our customers before the work begins.

Garbage Disposal Replacement and Repair

There's nothing worse than an awful smell coming from the kitchen, especially when no one is cooking! Usually that unbearable stench coming from the kitchen sink means your garbage disposal isn't working properly. When you need reliable workmanship, trust the service of Coqui Plumbing, to get your appliance up and running again!

Garbage Disposal Installation
If your disposal has worn out or just isn't working like it used to, call us for an appointment and we'll send a trained technician out to install a new disposal in your sink. We can also provide you with vital information on how to properly use your newly installed appliance so you'll get many more years of use out of it! We'll get your sink back in working order! Call today!

Superior Services in Plumbing

When you need a new Plumbing fixtures and faucets, Coqui Plumbing can help! We have more than 20 years' experience and have been providing Allentown and surrounding areas with the highest quality service and excellent workmanship since 2010. Call today Coqui Plumbing about your plumbing needs.

Plumbing Services
Got a leaky faucet or broken pipe? If you need a Allentown plumbing service, we can help. Turn to us first for plumbing services.

Expert Drain Cleaning
When your drain is running slower than normal, you have a clog. Coqui Plumbing service clears your drain of debris in no time at all!